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GUARDIANS: Brotherhood, Or, Incorporation?

The GUARDIANS brotherhood, formerly known as the DIABLO SQUAD, is one if not the biggest fraternity in terms of members, in the Philippines.   Although its entirety is vague with no common national leadership, the GUARDIANS recognize other aggrupations as a brother in mark, traced in the same roots. 

But what really is the GUARDIANS; Is it a brotherhood? Is it an Organization? Or, both?  It is Incorporation? How come it has so many names? Are all GUARDIANS aggrupations the same?  Is it one brotherhood in many organizations?  Are they called branches, or factions?


BROTHERHOOD or FRATERNITYA group of people in a state of being brothers who are associated or formally organized for a common purpose, interest, or pleasure. 

In 1976, when the DIABLO SQUAD was formed through the initiative of CIC Leborio “ABRAHAM” Jangao Jr.; it was on a simple purpose which is to motivate his comrades to fight not just as warriors but to fight like brothers, by protecting each other in concept of “Walang Iwanan”.  This covenant was marked on each of the members left arm, to remind them of their pledge wherever they may go and or whatever they will do.   Thus, this covenant was not only exhibited in actual insurgent encounters but also in beer houses and clubs during R&R.  One of the DSCB members recalled to me his experience in Mindanao as member of the fraternity saying:

“Dese Nueve lang ako ng mapadpad sa Mindanao bilang army.  Parang  wild west ang Mindanao noon, mga sundalo nag-rarambol at nagbabarilan pag katapos uminom ng tinatawag naming noong, “AGUA de KULARAW” --- Pag may taktak kang Diablo ay nirerespeto ka, dahil alam nila na pag ikaw ay tinira, buong DIABLO SQUAD ang kalaban nila.”

During this year the brotherhood of the DIABLO SQUAD became notorious on its involvement in many “brawls” involving military personnel in both sides.  These incidents became very alarming to AFP higher ups, and, thus, the beginning of the harassments of its members, no more less than to its founder CIC Leborio Jangao Jr.  With this, he provoked ILT GIL K TAOJO JR to baby sit the brotherhood for him.  ILT GIL K TAOJO JR later hailed as SMF Lapulapu, was a military officer, and old friend, of the Diablo Squad founder, and so he had great confidence that the lieutenant will stand to foster the DIABLO SQUAD on his behalf.  He was the first military officer who was marked DIABLO SQUAD in 1980.

From: GFW, courtesy of NF Nice

ORGANIZATION:  An administrative and functional structure in a state of being organized.

SGF Lapulapu as he was hailed at that epoch drafted a Constitution and By-laws for the DIABLO SQUAD.  SGF Lapulapu believed that for the AFP to recognize the brotherhood as a legit organization, it must have clear and determined objectives, mission, vision and standard operating procedures for the sake of uniformity of actions in running its affairs.  He renamed in it DIABLO SQUAD the Crime Busters (DSCB).    1981. With the new charter finalized, the members convened and the propagation was set on its sails.  The Integration of the civilian arm, MAGIC GROUP who were lawyers at that time was conceded, and the unadorned brotherhood of soldiers that was born in Parang, Maguindanao, became a complicated functional structure.

INCORPORATION is the forming of a new corporation being a legal entity that is effectively recognized as a person under the law. The corporation may be a business, a non-profit organization, sports club, or a government of a new city or town. 

Contrary to what was expected by the FGF Abraham, FSGF Lapulapu was not able to repel the harassment of the military higher ups on the member of the DSCB, nor the other military officers that joined the brotherhood prior to 1984.  With this, FSGF Lapulapu decided to resign from military service to deliver the brotherhood from annihilation and to continue leading it while in civilian status.  On December 10, 1984; SGF Lapulapu and SGFC Patton and others registered the first legally recognized organization of the Diablo Squad brotherhood, under SEC registration 123899 as GUARDIANS BROTHERHOOD INCORPORATED, and automatically absorbed all members of the defunct DSCB organization.

From a complicated functioning structure, the brotherhood became a juridical person. A registered non-profit corporation/organization whose charter is geared towards national service to uphold, democracy, equality and justice; a little far from its purpose when the DIABLO SQUAD was born eight (8) years ago.


FACTIONS:  A group of persons forming a cohesive, usually contentious minority within a larger group or organization.

Just one year, after the registration of the GUARDIANS BROTHERHOOD INCORPORATED.  The GUARDIANS CENTRE FOUNDATION INC., was launched. The foundation was created supposedly to assist the GBI financially distressed members.  However, contrary to its purpose, GCFI totally disintegrates itself from the GBI and accepted members in the name of the GUARDIANS brotherhood.  The weak national leadership of the GBI, and the limited means of communication at the time, caused confusions amongst all the members of organization, thus, four (4) years after, the GBI chapter in General Santos city, stepped up and drafted a new Constitution and Bylaws for the organization twisting its charter into a more socially based non-government organization run mostly by theMAGIC GROUP for some reason it was not pursued until the year 1995. It was registered as Guardians Brotherhood Region XI Chapter Incorporated, SEC Registration DNO95-000521. 

One of the active GBI member of the time (1985 to 1989), who later joined the GCFI said:

“Noong mga panahon kasi nun, medyo insecure ang mga organic members ng GUARDIANS sa mga MG, sa dahilang karamihan sa mga MG noon ay matataas ang pinag-aralan, mga “bright boys” ika nga, at medyo aloft ang mga organic members sa kanila sa mga meetings, lalong lalo na yung mga opisyal.”

The GCFI on this period (1986 to 1989) continued to propagate in the name of the brotherhood and more military personnel who are mostly officers was admitted.  There were even, unconfirmed reports, that the armed revolution, 1989 kudeta, was mostly participated by its members.  Whether the foundation was used as front to recruit members for the RAM, it was never confirmed, nor proven, however after the 1989 Kudeta, GCFI became a lose gun.  It continued to propagate indiscriminately with civilian new members, and the word FACTION in the GBI organization was coined. For the span of 15 years from its creation GBI was divided in more than ten smaller groups totally independent from each other.  The most of recognized of all were the SGF Sierra- GCFI, Guardians Binay Group of Makati ,  a faction headed by actor/comedian Amay Bisaya having stuntmen under his group, Guardians H-World under General Royette Padilla and the Guardians Brotherhood, Inc headed by MSgt Yul Seron. 


UMBRELLA ORGANIZATION: is an association of (often related, industry-specific) institutions, who work together formally to coordinate activities or pool resources. In business, political, or other environments, one group, the umbrella organization, provides resources and often an identity to the smaller organizations. Sometimes in this kind of arrangement, the umbrella organization is to some degree responsible for the groups under its care.

October 1999, the first unification efforts were carried out. SGF Gringo Honasan won his second term as Senator of the republic, decided to finally have his GUARDIANS marked the previous year.  There were speculations that the good senator will run for higher office in the next 2004 elections, thus, he solicits supports from the brotherhood hierarchy and became active in meetings and organizations, national convention.  

From: GFW, courtesy of Supremo Maverick

According to post in GUARDIANS FREE WALL as posted by a mysterious member “Gil Kiamco”, he said:

“Si Gringo ay nakargahan (kung iyan ang gusto mong tawag) noong 1998 lamang nang siya ay senador na. Inappoint siya na Presidente ng GBI ni "Abraham" pagkatapos ng kanyang Karga. nagkaroon ng conference sa Ozamis ang mga opisyal ng GBI at pumunta doon si Gringo kasama si "Abraham". Nagkitakita sila ni "Lapulapu" at " Patton" at kinumpirma ang appointment ni gringo bilang presidente. Nagpatawag ng national convention ang GBI sa green heights convention center sa Davao City noong 1999 at dinaluhan ito ng mga GBI kasama si "Abraham", Lapulapu at Patton at ibat-ibang myembro. Sa convention, napag usapan na bumuo ng PGI upang ang lahat ng guardians ay maging isa na lang. Ang CBL ay pinagtulungang gawin nina "Goyong" at mga abogadong myembro ng GBI at pinadala kay "Moulder" patungong Opisina ni Gringo sa senado upang ito ay marehistro. Ngunit ang nangyari ay nagpatawag ng panibagong summit si gringo na may isang delegado bawat region at dinisisyonan nilang baguhin ang CBL at pinarehistro bilang PGBI. Sa simula, ang akala ng lahat ay ito ang kanilang ginawang CBL sa Davao convention. Ngunit nalaman nilang ito nabago na at sina Lapulapu, Abraham at Patton ay naging adviser /consultant na lamang. Humiwalay na naman sina Lapulapu at Patton at bumalik uli sa GBI. Si Abraham naman ay namangka sa dalawang ilog. Sumama kay gringo habang kasali pa rin sa GBI.”

The efforts begot the PHILIPPINE GUARDIANS BROTHERHOOD INCORPORATED, SEC Registration A200008885More than twenty smaller factions unite under the PGBI; however, the biggest of all, the GBI; withdrew its support and continued to lead its members under GBI SEC 123899, tagging their seal with the clause, “The first and the original”.  The withdrawal of the GBI top execs from the PGBI, made the umbrella organization’s national leadership, very weak, that in less than two years, its Vice Chairman for the Visayas,  now Cong. “MF Kadre” Alcover, broke away from the group and registered, New GUARDIANS Inc. (NGI). And then, the rest followed; “Elite”, “Reformed”, “Unified”, “Anti Crime”, “Royal” etc... All have the same repetitive words in their names “GUARDIANS” and “INCORPORATED”. 

BRANCH:   A lateral division or subdivision of certain organization.

The Guardians International Incorporated, headed by the DIABLO SQUAD founder Leborio “GMF ABRAHAM” Jangao, released a video which said, and I quote:

“Thus, the GUARDIANS general idea of unification, it emanated from the higher hierarchy of the organizations, but if it sought to be implanted among its BRANCHES, and groups; this idea of unification must be born again among them.  Meaning it must be understood by the FACTIONS, adjusted to their conditions and needs of the members and must take specific forms accordingly until it can truly be said the unification has been born among the members of the GUARDIANS” 

The statement above was followed by his declaration of the “branches”, and policies, provoking his “inherent powers” as the Grand Master Founder God Father.  A bold and very confident statement, that I am not sure if everyone understood clearly. 


Brotherhood and Incorporation

A brotherhood, is group of people in a state of being brothers who are associated or formally organized for a common purpose, interest, or pleasure, while an incorporations is an administrative, and functional structure in a state of being organized.

Branch and factions

Branch is a group of persons forming a cohesive, usually contentious minority within a larger group or organization, while a faction/s is group of persons forming a cohesive, usually contentious minority within a larger group (could be a brotherhood, a club or an organization).

Non-profit and profit organization

Ownership is the quantitative difference between for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. For-profit organizations can be privately owned and may re-distribute taxable wealth to employees and shareholders. By contrast, not-for-profit organizations do not have owners. They have controlling members or boards, but these people cannot sell their shares to others or personally benefit in any taxable way.

Expulsion and Condemnation

Expulsion, is the act of depriving a member of a body politic, corporate, or of a society, of his right of membership therein, by the vote of such body or society, for some violation of hi's. duties as such, or for some offence which renders him unworthy of longer remaining a member of the same, while condemnation is the act of judiciallycondemning, or adjudging guilty, unfit for use, or forfeited; the act of dooming to punishment or forfeiture. 



A composer and lead singer of a very popular band once quote: “To be one, to be united is a great thing. But to respect the right to be DIFFERENT is maybe even greater".

The GUARDIANS can be defined into two (2) dimensions.  First the GUARDIANS as brotherhood, the GUARDIANS as juridical persons, or commonly known as corporation/organizations (GBI, PGBI, NGI, DGMI, etc...).  And its definition could vary depending on whom and in what context it is being asked.  And so for the questions above my answers would be:

Is it a brotherhood?

I have to meet them (maybe personally or through internet) one by one, that I may fell that we are in state of being brothers. Brotherhoodshould mutual, and it involves a two way interaction between person or group of persons.

 Is it an Organization?

Yes, It is. The GUARDIANS are Organizations that can be traced in one common root.

Or, both?

In many Instances it is.

Is it a corporation?

Most of them, unless, otherwise not registered in SEC., as so.

How come it has so many names?

Because although they have the same traceable roots, they are recognized by the law as different juridical persons.

Are all GUARDIANS aggrupations the same?

On its first dimension; maybe, but on the second, definitely NOT.

Are they called branches, or factions?

Faction/s is more appropriate word than branches.

The most common confusions of the GUARDIANS are based on the majority of its member’s limited perception of what, and how truly the organization has become.  From the birth of the DIABLO SQUAD until the formation the many GUARDIANS organizations, we are continually misguided with misleading version of the history just make the organization look good, for someone leading it.   

And so with this, and with all due respect, I challenge the elders/leaders of the GUADIANS’s:  Speak only the truth and nothing but the truth in the most righteous way possible.   If you aim for genuine unification it should for no other reasons, but for the betterment of the GUARDIANS, and not for anything else.   EMPOWER the new generations by letting us know what really happened, and that we may understand and act upon it.  BLIND US NOT.  Speak the truth, and everything else will follow.

Akoy naniniwala ang mga GUARDIANS ay matatalino, pero marami sa atin ay bulag o di kaya’y nag-bubulag-bulagan.  Wag na tayong magpalinlang, wag nating hintayin na maubos hanggang sa huling patak ang dugo ng mga GUARDIANS. 


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